Who is Stacie Jones?

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Epiphone Coronet
Epiphone Coronet

We've all seen this Epiphone print ad from the 1990's floating around the internet. It features a woman named Stacie Jones holding a pretty awesome Epiphone Coronet.

But who is Stacie Jones?

Quite frankly, we dont know. It seems that Epiphone fans abound have been asking this question for quite some time. There have been several discussions about it on the Official Gibson/Epiphone forums as well. At one point, someone located an artist named Stacey Jones who seemed to fit the description. Forum members poured over the print ad and photos of Stacey and it seemed like there was a match. One forum member even contacted Ms. Jones to ask if it was indeed her in the Epiphone print ad. Though certain that they found their answer to this long debated question, Ms. Jones denied that it was her holding that awesome Coronet in a 1990's trendy hippy outfit amongst an equally hippified flowery border. Wouldnt you? Personally, I'm not convinced that its not her. But Ms. Jones denies that it is and thats all we really know.

So, who is Stacie Jones? I dont know, but if you think you do, email us and let us know!

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